Monday, June 20

Treason Calling ...

I know this breaks the unwritten American law of always respecting the troops, but I've noticed recently that the airlines allow active servicemen to board the plane first.

Do you know how many air-miles you need to get Priority Boarding? I flew first class to Australia last year and I'm still only in the 3rd set of boarders with American Airlines.

Do you really think the Gate Attendant would have the balls to ask for my credentials if I showed up in camouflage fatigues, and dog tags?

This also reminds me of a trip to Canada many years ago, when I saw a guy dressed as Napoleon walking through security. He placed his triangular hat and big leather boots on the belt and walked through the machine. He set the machine off, but the magic wand guy just waved the buzzer over his ornate metal buttons and then sent him on his way.

Nobody questioned why he was dressed from the 19th Century (or one of the twats from Coldplay)

I'm heading off to the Army & Navy store ...

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