Wednesday, June 22

Zzzz Snap

In their seminal hit of the 90s, Snap had "Got the Power". Fans may also remember that later on they were "as serious as cancer" when they said that "rhythm is a dancer".

In one of my most tenuous links yet, I took my car to the garage on Tuesday, and unlike Snap, Audi did not have the power.

A simple check of a valve and a State Inspection took more than 3.5 hours, because every 10 minutes or so, the power would cut out in the garage and front office. The shiny waiting room where I sat all this time did not lose power, so I got to enjoy morning television, and all the Keurig coffee I could slurp.

Strangely the TV didn't capture my imagination, and I managed to read a book, yes a whole book, while the grease monkey fiddled with my piece of German engineering.

I'll start work on a vaguely amusing reference to strawberry preserve and see if I can work in Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic, and keep the 90s alive.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I have all the CDs at home...