Tuesday, September 20

Dialysis expert?

Cambridge Hospitals appear to be taking the piss.

And also shitting me.

In fact they're grabbing a big tumbler and with the aid of a rusty funnel, and a crazy-straw they are force feeding me a mouth full of bodily secretions.

As I enter my 14th month of pain in the country with the World's Greatest Healthcare™ I allowed myself to get excited when last week my new doctor found a neuromuscular specialist to look at my forearm problem.

A week later (don't get me started) the referral manager called me today to let me know when my appointment is.

November 23 at 4pm.

In more than 2 fucking months time?

Worse still it's the day before Thanksgiving so I'm sure she'll want to bunk off to go pick up her frozen turkey.

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