Friday, September 16

Secrets of my trade

I'm no branding expert. Oh wait, I am.

There's nothing Anne likes more than walking around a supermarket with me as I pose rhetorical questions such as, "Darling, I know what you're thinking, is this a hexachrome carton? Or did they use combination screening to split the process from the spot color?"

She loves it. Just ask her. Go on. Ask her. Our anniversary dinner when I explained ink density variables in gravure printing was a captivating tour de force. And romantic.

Well the other day she went to the store without me, and she managed to buy a somewhat pretentious beer without her pretentious husband AND select the greatest branding EVER.

And YES, I've started using CAPS for impact. Much better than !!!, or emoticons, or shit like OMG.

I fancy this might be our flighty local liquor store rather than the branding geniuses at Grolsch Towers, but really I love what they've done here.

A recycled non-virgin-board with a matt varnish finish, and a simple script in black to create background and foreground contrast. The primary communication just pops off the page and yet the title has room to breathe without bombarding the consumer with secondary messaging.

They pay me for this shit?

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