Thursday, September 22

Manly Pursuits

I swapped vehicles with my colleague Todd last night. He got to drive my fast German automobile, while I got to ride his pick-up truck.

I almost failed to get in the damn thing. Essentially I threw my ass up in the air to reach the elevated seat and almost missed.

Once in, I forgot to fasten my seatbelt for the whole ride home. Grrrrrrr. But I rolled the window down, stuck my arm out, and put some Springsteen on my iPod for the drive home. I'm so blue collar.

Maintaining the blue-collar theme this morning I dressed in J. Crew. Because when hauling furniture into the back of a truck nothing is as manly as J. Crew.

The iPod receiver wasn't working so I listened to Sports Radio. People, actually men, were complaining about the Red Sox.

Thankfully I'm back in my air-conditioned private office surrounded by my executive toys, because sadly, most CEOs are men too. I'm in the mood for some white-collar crime (thanks to the dry cleaners who wash, iron and starch my white shirts).

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