Friday, September 16

Moving Day

It's time to move my business to a new location today. Boy has this been a 4 month pain in the ass to plan.

Proving I can pretty much complain about anything, when we signed the lease the new space was ideal. Then what happens? We only go and virtually double the size of our business. Ugh.

So today with the help of a shoehorn we move our stuff, staff, samples, trinkets, and NERF guns into the new office.

It also marks the last day of sharing space with the company that we split from. They're a good bunch of people, and they are moving too. This week they took down the black plastic letters of their company name.

And the whole office went anagram crazy!

Most were fairly vanilla, until 'in the ass' appeared yesterday.

By day end we had this one.

Needless to say the office is filled with middle-aged men who still have the brain of a teenager ... myself included.

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