Thursday, September 29

Nutty nutjobs

Our new office is in a big flashy glass building in a business park of the future. It's also next to a medical facility for people with seriously shitty health issues.

The other day I saw a grizzled 50 something woman with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, rushing her 80 something mother into the facility. The mum looked like she had mobility and mental health problems. Her compassionate daughter dealt with the problem with this bon mot "For fuck's sake mom, hurry up I need to piss".

Last night I went to see a movie, and as I walked to the theater, a guy with his trunk open said, "Hey could you help me". Being a well-rounded individual I immediately presumed this was a con where I end up in said trunk as a prelude to being gang-raped and chopped into bite size pieces.

Turns out I was wrong.

The guy had an electronic mobility cart that he needed help breaking down into pieces and loading into his car. I moved onto my next neurosis ... I get some kind of mechanical dyslexia when faced with machinery.

Turns out I was wrong. Again. I broke that baby down like a pro. What an adult I've become.

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