Sunday, September 18

Worst job in show business

So each Sunday during the football season, Anne and I plonk ourselves down in front of the telly and watch something called Red Zone.

Red Zone runs from 1pm to 7.30pm, and zips between the 14 live games played on a Sunday afternoon. Unusually for American TV it has no commercial breaks, and in essence is 6 and a half hours of unadulterated action.

The show is presented by Scott Hanson, who links between the games, sets up the action and during the few moments when there is nothing happening, recaps some of the fantasy football figures for the day.

My reason for mentioning all of this? I don't think he has time to go for a piss for the duration of the show. Anne agrees with me, and thinks he has a big bucket under his desk. When the moment is right, he whips his chap out and empties into the bucket, while seamlessly recounting stats about the Bucs secondary unit.

Consequently, someone must be the piss-bucket emptier. And that cannot be fun.

For all I know he might have been whizzing while this photo was being snapped.

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