Friday, October 7

Get a load of this guy

Flicking through channels in the Belgian hotel last night I hit a music channel. For anyone under 20 ... a music channel is a channel that plays music, not a channel that shows reality TV about twats.

It appeared to be Slow Jamz hour, with a nice mix of older R&B, but presumably because this was a Belgian channel there was also some French tat thrown in.

This video caught my attention in the first 10 seconds.

The gallic Robert Wagner is Alain Delon. And he must turn the ladies to a quivering mess. A quick browse on Wikipedia reveals he nows lives in Switzerland and counts Phil Collins as one of his jet-set friends.

And (paraphrasing a Ramones funeral) as Anne said upon hearing Steve Jobs had died, "Why couldn't it have been Phil Collins?"

Also, while we are in What's going on? mode. A few songs later this came on. Bar de l'hôtel by Raphael appears to feature a woman being abducted by male models dressed as hi-tech welders.

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