Monday, October 24

Oh, Mum!

Testing my ability to make a complete post without swearing, here's a photo of me and mum from my recent trip home.

This chronicles the last time I smiled when either one of my wonderful parents managed to master a piece of digital equipment.

I kind of freaked last week when Dad sent an e-mail from (Mum's) iPad saying that they had upgraded to the Cloud, and all seemed well.

Their confidence in electronic wizardry seems to know no bounds, and a few clicks during screen-sharing on iChat seemed to tidy everything up.

I guess I was 10 minutes into explaining Cloud computing to them when I realized that they are actually pretty cool computer users considering how late in life they started. They sync all kinds of stuff in Drop Box, do all their banking on-line, and have fully digitized music, movie and photo libraries.

If only they could retouch my squinting eyes. Maybe I'll get them a Photoshop tutorial for Christmas.

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