Saturday, October 29

Rated R for Sexiness and Strong Language

I think we can all universally agree that there's nothing more sexy than a jigsaw puzzle.

They've graced every magazine cover from Vogue to Big Jugs, from The Economist to Jigsaw Monthly.

Being an alpha male, I was unimpressed by my 5 year old niece finishing a 25 piece puzzle, so to demonstrate my might I undertook an epic 2,000 piece journey to The Cinqueterre in Italy.

2 months and 1,998 pieces later I've finished.

Of course I want to blame our Brazilian cleaners and their high suction vacuums. But looking under our coffee table I found tiny pieces of a toy my niece played with in August, so it's hard to imagine the latinas in their undersized clothes were selective in their desire to only fuck up my fun.

Tonight I'll break up my hard work and return our fancy-schmancy designer table back to it's proper use ... as a staging post for a bowl of fake lemons.

For the travel conscious, here's what the village of Manarola looks like without 2 pieces missing.

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