Saturday, November 26


While America gives thanks to a bunch of fundamentalist Christians for growing corn from seeds they stole from the natives, everyone else is 'getting their Christmas on'.

So it's time for me to open the top drawer, and pull out a range of zinger lines for this year's Christmas Card messages.

And to think, in about 10 days time, I'll receive a card with a photo of some friend's kids. This is only acceptable if the infant and friends have gone full nativity. That's right, I want donkey's, sheep, myrrh and wise men, not just "Happy Holidays from the lastnames", in Zapf Pissing Chancery.

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Boff said...

Got to say, my stand out TV moments when I visited the states were the ads for medication and their subsequent list of 'side-effects' they seem legally obliged to read out eg. pills to relieve mild headaches may have the side effects of: excessive hair growth, foot swelling, projectile vomiting, eyes falling out, ears changing sides on head, suicidal thoughts, mania, slight gender re-alignment...