Sunday, November 13

One Way or Another. Please.

I started watching Mesrine last night, the two part (duology?) set of movies starring Vincent Cassel as the famous French criminal Jacques Mesrine.

I wish my French was good enough to watch without subtitles. Then again, I wish I could watch an Almodóvar movie in Spanish.

Although as a side note I watched a clip this week from Yugoslav director Dušan Makavejev featuring a cat sat on a woman's naked arse and that needed no subtitles.

Back to French movies. Aside from the obvious "they're speaking French", I feel you can usually spot a movie based on the pacing of the audio. There appears to be so much more silence. But maybe that's just the view of someone waiting for the next subtitle to appear. Perhaps you could plonk a little Jean-Pierre in front of a Michael Bay movie and he'd make the same stupid generalization?

Anyway, I started this post because of subtitles.

The first part of Mesrine is excellent, and although it requires concentration to follow subtitles for 90 minutes at the end of the movie I couldn't wait to watch Part 2.

4 descending notes on a tuba please.

The 2nd movie was dubbed. And dubbed by some extra from a British soap opera. How can you dub Vincent Cassel with some Bob Hoskins impersonator?

To make matters worse, the subtitles option is still available, but the words don't match the dub. They turned a modern classic into some 2nd rate version of The Sweeney.

Zut a-fucking-lors.

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