Saturday, November 12

Well intentioned stupidity

Delicacy required here ...

I was in a suburban town today where to commemorate Veteran's Day the locals have stuck large handwritten signs on every lamp-post. On each sign is a different name of a serviceman/woman killed in action since Memorial Day, along with their rank, company, and home state/country. Someone also added a flag of the state/country.

It's a great idea to remind us all that armed forces personnel are still being killed everyday.

But it also means that every driver in the town is reading a long handwritten sign every 100 yards instead of paying attention to the road.

If people were capable of following a narrative every 100 yards, while safely driving a vehicle then there would be books or magazine articles on every telegraph pole. But there isn't. Because it's stupid and dangerous.

I doubt the self-righteous defense of "I was reading the Veteran's Day signs" will cut it when you plead your case for running over a pedestrian.

I could have wrote little kiddie. But I showed restraint.

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