Wednesday, January 18

Battle of the Supermarkets

So in my job I'm an interested by-stander in competing stores. For the last 20 years I've helped to create stuff that ends up on the shelves of everything from high-end stores of epicurean quality down to ... well ... Dollar Stores.

So it was fun to be able to see the 2 giants of Alabama retail up against each other. Dollar General and Family Dollar let you know right up front that value is their calling card.

Their depressing exteriors are matched inside too. By the way that's an ice machine in the foreground, not Mice, or Lice.

At Dollar General I made a purchase and check-out was my worst nightmare. I try to avoid conversation even in New England, my home for the past 12 years. I've had too many "Where you from?" questions, and when that question is asked in a Southern accent it makes me think of Deliverance.

The kid behind the counter was wearing dungarees. That was another thing to cross off my list. He asked me a question 3 times. Each time I replied, "Sorry?".

Finally he pointed at a sign that said, "Would you like to donate your change to Child Literacy?". I'd love to say literacy was spelled incorrectly but damn it was perfect.

What a great idea. More stores should do that.

And so, with no heavy cumbersome change, I skipped out of Dollar General, got back in my car and ate a box of these. And they were delicious.

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