Sunday, January 1

Let's get this party started

Happy New Year sports fans.

What kind of fuckery is this? It's fire engine fuckery!

Inman Square is a local neighborhood featuring a 5-way stop, with a Fire Station positioned between 2 of the junctions. Opposite is the pretentious 1369 coffee shop that I complain about 2.5 times a week. Idling at the red light by 1369 I saw an ambulance speeding towards me from the hospital that is further up the road. My traffic light would surely be impacted by the emergency. Sure enough the ambulance swung in front of me and stopped on the other side of the coffee shop.

Then ... a fire engine siren sounded, and from across the junction a truck drove about 15 yards, crossing one junction, at which point the firemen jumped out of their truck and crossed the 2nd road (thanks for the halt hand-signal Fireman #2) to enter the coffee shop where the medics had already determined that there was no emergency.

All the while the light has not changed in 5 minutes.

Here's a Google Street View of the square. The shadow in the foreground is cast by the fire station. The building in the center, is the coffee shop. They managed to get there after the ambulance ... and they drove ... but only half the distance.

I imagine the emergency was some hipster in skinny jeans not getting their latte and scone combo order how they ordered it.

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