Sunday, January 29

Ma Baker

I finished my Alabama trip with a visit to the Space Center in Huntsville.

They've all kinds of rockets and spaceships, but I went to see the burial place of a monkey - Miss Baker.

I suppose the devil is in the detail, but her tombstone says she was the first U.S. animal to fly in space and return alive.

Fans of monkey travel will know that she went up with another monkey, Miss Able.

Sadly Miss Able died 4 days after her return to earth from a reaction to the anesthesia used to remove electrodes from her body.

"This is the type of anesthetic death every surgeon fears," said Colonel Robert Hullinghorst ... probably with no sense of irony or perspective.

Back to Miss Baker. She now found space travel to be passé, leaving it to mere humans to copy her.

After her co-ground-breaking trip she no doubt surrounded herself with cute primate ass, but 3 years later she settled down by marrying 'Big George'. Because why not?

BG died in the 70s, and like some kind of furry Zsa Zsa Gabor, Miss Baker bagged another gigolo. The sexily monikered 'Norman' became her 2nd husband, although the ceremony featured Miss Baker tearing off her dress. Minxy!

She finally passed in 1984.

Of course, death doesn't stop the good folk of Alabama from luring tourists to their nirvana. As you'll see from the photo, people love to leave b.a.n.a.n.a.s. on her tombstone.

Afterwards I went and laughed at a Uranus exhibit.

And in case you think I made any of this up read this.

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