Friday, January 6

Thanks for sharing


I jumped into 2Ktwelve (who comes up with this shit?) with the desire to listen to some new music at work through Spotify.

Stupidly I linked my Facebook account with my Spotify profile.

Do you think any of my Facebook friends complimented me on my fine taste? Kiwanuka, Givers, St. Vincent, Sandé?

Did they fuck.

But like pulp fiction detectives they noticed the Queen and Blink 182 songs that featured in a playlist named "2 days of random pop to get you through the daily grind of life."

If I had an e-Harmony profile I'd write "Likes: God (obviously), Fine Dining, Woody Allen Movies, and People not knowing what I'm listening to". Thankfully I'm married! And double thankfully iPods exist. Are Christians allowed to like movies by Jews?

Of course with my tech-know-how the dating profile would link to my Spotify account just as I chose the playlist "Likes someone who moves in the direction that their hair is pulled and opens mouth on command." I should warn you that playlist is full of Spandau Ballet.

Anyway, it's time for me to go vacuum the rug in a black wig and sleeveless pink top. Best not let that get onto the internet!!

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