Wednesday, February 15


She says neurotic, I say super-organized, either way I'm preparing for our forthcoming trip to Central America.

I'm hardly Che Guevara, instead were heading to a quiet yet remote resort in Belize.

My tireless research discovered that the place where we are staying has no ATM machines, so we need some local currency before we get there.

I e-mailed my personal banker (I still get a kick saying that), and ordered 700 Belize Dollars.

An hour later they called me back to say that the Boston International Currency Exchange only has 608 Belize Dollars, and would I like to order all of them?

The whole banking industry in Boston only has 608 Belize Dollars?

I've grabbed them all, so if you're in Boston on the search for Belize Dollars, I'm yer man.

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