Saturday, February 11


Over Christmas, me and my Dad, or my father and I depending on your level of education ... were flicking TV channels in the middle of the afternoon, and we landed on Family Feud (Family Fortunes to the Brits). Since then it has become a small obsession.

It's on mainstream TV in the afternoon, but they've slightly tweaked the format from the safe, PG friendly version we all grew up with.

Steve Harvey presents the show and each question is loaded with innuendo and single entendre.

Name something you do naked on a hot day
Name something a woman is happy to be told she has a nice pair of
We asked 100 men on a scale of 1 to 10 how do they look in a thong

That's a sample of this week's show. It's like that every week.

Even the computerized board gets in on the game. You say penis, it says doo-dongle; you say sex, it says getting' it on; you say breasts, it says boobies.

I had to check that the game wasn't a re-run from the 90's. All the contestants wear what I'd classify as their 'court appearance clothes', an oversized shirt and tie, paired with baggy-legged chinos.

I could put any 1 of a 100 YouTube clips here, instead just go to the Family Feud YouTube page, and wallow in saucy humor. It's like the game show version of the Carry On movies.

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