Sunday, February 12

Did one of the Cool Js die?

Start of the Grammys and LL Cool J just said one of his family has died.

So our under/over on people mentioning Whitney is 20. Interesting they all loved her, yet they did fuck all to get her into rehab for the past 15 years.

Of course Bruce started by shouting, "America are you alive?", guess he didn't get the memo.

Nice job Bonnie Raitt reminding us that Etta James died of leukemia, rather than taking a few too many Xanax ...

Big cheers for Chris Brown from a crowd that's clearly forgotten why he missed the show in 2009.

Marc Anthony is Steve Buscemi with a suntan and chest waxing.

First hour of the Grammy's and it's 4 shout outs for dead Whitney; LL, Bruno, Keys (Alicia not Florida) and Tina Turner ... what? That was Rihanna?

Anne just suggested that Chris Martin sounds a 'bit pitchy', she's not wrong and he deserves the 'dick quotes'.

Holy moly, I just listened to Willie Nelson sing a Coldplay song for the up-market Taco Bell, Chipotle. The IRS have a check in the mail.

Who knew Mumford & Sons would be such Giants fans?

The Maroon 5 guy just raped the Little Surfer Girl. Wouldn't it be nice if Foster the People didn't perform this song? The Beach Boys look like they're wearing free merch from a Lake Tahoe casino.

You cannot sing a "new" standard. And for that matter Sir Paul cannot sing an old standard.

Hey look, Chris Brown just beat some more people at the Grammys.

Taylor Swift; dress by JC Penney; set by Cracker Barrel.

Adele just got a bigger ovation than Whitney. Rightly.

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