Saturday, February 25

Dont go chasing waterfalls

Belize City airport is like the set of "It Ain't Half Hot Mum", the tepid 70s British sit-com.

Next we had to fly to Dangriga. "Want to go now?" said the beautiful mustached Belizean lady.

Sure! And only 10 minutes after landing, we had de-planed, cleared Customs, gone back through security and we were walking on the same tarmac back to a 10 seat plane.

In Dangriga, a guy called Charlton dropped our bags into his Mitsubishi. And there we were barreling along an unpaved road with no seat belts, in a 4x4, in Central America ... just like Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes. Only with a nice couple from Vermont.

But a cold Belikin Beer on welcome from Delcie and we were no longer strangers in paradise.

The accom is wonderful if a little creaky. It reminded me of our 1st Wedding Anniversary in the Cotswolds. We had a 4 poster bed that creaked so loud that you only had to climb in and the hotel thought you were having an orgy in the room.

Tonight the food was a little like watching Fawlty Towers. And the chef came and asked if the food was good (like we'd say no!).

6 large local ladies in colorful dresses and a guy with a big drum started some drumming and dancing. We left. After a few rum punches I don't need any culture.

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