Sunday, February 26

Mad dogs and Englishman

Burn baby burn. I unevenly sprayed the SPF 15 and then sat in the sun for 3 hours.

At the height of the heat we went for a beach walk and was followed by the littlest hobo which attracted a bunch of other dogs.

You know that moment when you get back to your room after a sweltering day in the sun and you see yourself in the mirror? Yeah. I got my personal best.

For dinner we had barracuda and calamari and dined with the nice couple from VT that we met on the puddle jumper to Dangriga

I told them I was going to watch the Oscars and then felt like shit when they said they had no TV in their suite.

The Oscars ran long. Even on Central Time, on vaca, with no work the next day I resented staying up so long. But I needn't have worried. I couldn't sleep because of my sun burn.

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