Monday, February 27


Here's a guy that looks like me only fatter and redder in front of the Mayan ruin of Xunantunich.

The day began with fried jack for breakfast. Must google that when I get home to discover what the hell it was.

With Charlton driving and Tino as our tour guide, we began the 3 hour ride traversing Belize's 2 (yes they have 2) roads to the excavation site.

That thing is steep, and the Mayans didn't seem to care much for hand rails. Wearing a pair of flimsy sneakers after a tropical rainfall, I slippily climbed up the ruin to find a guy with a machine gun at the top. 1 guy guarding the site from a Guatemalan coup.

At lunch someone asked our 62 year old tour guide why he became a tour guide. "I was 14 when I ran away from home." Pages of a calendar flip by, "And then at 17 ... it was 2pm 21 miles from my home town." I realize I need to shave this story is going on so long ... "9 kids with same woman .... I realize I didn't answer your question yet". Don't worry Tino the woman who asked has left already.

Monkeys are to Belize as moose are to Maine. There's plenty of them, but I never see them.

Postscript. Prince Harry showed up a few days after the Aceman! You're the 2nd pasty red-headed Brit this week mate.

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