Wednesday, March 21

Challenging the laws of mathematics

It's March Madness time in the US, where monkeys such as me and my co-workers stick pins in a bracket to choose which college basketball team is the best.

An overall win earns you the princely sum of whatever your colleagues pitch in, and bragging rights for a year that, "You know more about athletic young men than anyone else in your office."

The boffins at Yahoo make it easy for you to make your picks, and as a tie-breaker you have to predict the score of the final.

My plan was for Syracuse to beat Kentucky in the final, but just before I hit 'Submit' to lock in my choices I was told that something had happened to Syracuse's star player (don't know his name, what he did, or even care).

So I switched Syracuse for Kansas and decided that Kentucky would win the whole damn thing.

As the sharp eyed will notice, I have chosen Kentucky to beat Kansas by 82 to 89.

Apparently however, in basketball it's the team with the highest score that wins.

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