Thursday, March 22

"Is that Richard?"

A Las Vegas number rang and on my phone last night. I answered.

Is that Richard Taylor?
Me: Yes
This is Richard Taylor also.
Me: No way. Hi
Did you order some shoes from Sanuk?
Me: Yes
So did I, and I think they sent yours to me here in Vegas
Me: Oh
I saw your number listed on the invoice, so I thought I'd give you a call
Me: Right on!
Yeah, I've been trying to put a fire up their ass for past 3 days.
Me: I'll give em a call too.
Would really appreciate it brother. So my shoes didn't arrive there huh?
Me: No. But I'll get on it.
Yeah, maybe if we go at em from 2 sides, we can put a fire up their ass
Me: Yeah
Your shoes look real nice but they're too small for me.
Me: Good to know
Keep me updated brother
Me: Will do man. Bu-bye

Things I learned about the Richard Taylor of Vegas.
a. He's a bad ass who puts a fire up the ass of authority.
b. He called me brother.
c. He has big feet
d. He likes blue shoes

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