Monday, March 5

Lesbian carnivore rabbits of Cambridge

I've no idea why I wrote this in my travel journal, but as I look back on the rest of our week in Belize this was the 'go to' statement.

Also this is my fave photo of the trip. It's the view from our bed. And an exceptional fire hazard.

As my sunburn matured the peeling of skin was inevitable. On Thursday after a midday cold shower (in our amazing shower room with a fully vertical shower head no less), I lay on the bed letting humidity and heat do it's trick. 10 minutes later I was dry except for water droplets just under my chest. That's when I realized they were not droplets but the first bubbling blistering air pockets under my skin.

5 days later and I'm a grotesque patchwork of new and old skin. I have 9 specific areas of full on peel. Yuk/awesome!

Our trip was brilliantly relaxing. We hung out in the sun each day, read in the hammock and drank liberal amounts of rum punch. We got to see the wedding of a man in shorts and polo shirt, to a woman in full wedding regalia with 2nd degree burns from 2 days in the sun.

On the last few days my sunburn became my second least attractive skin feature. Sand flies went for the bottomless buffet that are my legs. My calves have more red dots than a Japanese flag factory.

Sadly I did not get to snorkel. When I write sadly I'm coming from the viewpoint of a guy who bought 4 underwater cameras on Amazon 2 weeks ago.

Finally, as we packed our bags and did one last check of our vacation home I opened a cabinet to find an assortment of inflated balloons. Who the fuck leaves balloons in a cabinet?

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