Monday, March 19

Shwit noise

I used to live in an apartment in Islington, London that didn't have cable. And because we rented we couldn't get satellite either.

It wasn't such a big deal. Anne and I had just married and we were both new to London, so we didn't need the TV that much anyway.

But I do remember spending a Sunday listening to the Ryder Cup on the radio. In fact it was a digital clock/radio with a pointlessly trivial antenna.

For years I've said that there is nothing more futile than listening to golf on the radio.

A sample of the commentary is, "He lines up, swings, shwit noise, and it's in the middle of the fairway".

I reassessed this long held belief this past weekend. Because at least with golf there are tangibles, like position, distance and a score that constantly changes.

This weekend on digital radio they featured women's slalom skiing.

You don't need to use your imagination because the commentary really was as you would expect.

"She going downhill, shwit noise, between the gates, shwit noise, this looks fast, shwit noise, but it's hard to tell."

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