Wednesday, May 2

Biggest ... Areola

Last year I worked on a project that kept me late at work most nights. On Tuesday's I would arrive home after 9 to find Anne watching Biggest Loser.

At first I scoffed, but I noticed week on week I started paying more attention to the big losers and their migration into 12 step program speak eg. "my incredible journey".

Now I'm addicted.

The show is well produced except for the finale, which is a live clusterfuck of the highest order.

Last night's winner Jeremy dropped 199 lbs over the course of 'his journey', but more profound to me were/are his revolting aerolae. It looks like he has glued pepperoni to his chest.

It's almost enough to put me off pizza. But in the end there is something comforting about ploughing down junk food during Biggest Loser.

I've no idea if Jeremy's chorizo slices have decreased with weight loss. I suspect not.

Also that suit he wore was dreadful.

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