Wednesday, May 30

Food Safety

Like most people I give myself a few breaks during an arduous work day. Today I was chatting with my co-worker Kim about the awful cannibal attack in Miami.

Admittedly, we were highlighting the naked and high as a kite part, so the conversation wasn't exactly sombre.

I was about to jump into an obtuse thought about homeless people, psychedelic drugs and Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine when Kim hit me with an angle I had not thought of,

"The guy* will get sick from eating meat that has not been previously heated to a safe temperature."

* Had he not been shot to death my the Miami Police.

2 items of note here.

1. Her Dad is a Food & Health Safety Inspector.
2. Use of a meat thermometer was not mentioned in any news article.

Also, is it just me or did this grisly photo get put through Instagram?

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