Saturday, May 5

Saturday Night at the Movies

Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood popped up on a Spotify mix the other month. This was the song after the one when they told you not to come.

In Two Tribes they mixed in footage of a British newscaster telling you what to do in case of a nuclear attack.

It reminded me of the movie Threads, produced by the BBC in 84. I think a year earlier there had been a US movie The Day After starring Jason Robards. Threads made The Day After look like a Disney flick.

I watched Threads again today. A nuclear attack on Sheffield and it's aftermath. Why the hell was I allowed to watch this as a 14 year old? It's horrifying.

Disease, death, amputations, eating rats (not rats eating), radiation poisoning and for a finale a mutated baby.

What an absolute bummer. But that's Sheffield for ya.

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