Wednesday, May 23

Sheep and Sculpture

Today we headed for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Breton, by far the poshest part of Wakefield.

It's the 2nd time I've been here, but the first time in daylight. Also the 1st time I've not been drunk during a visit.

YSP as we hipsters call it, is a world class collection of sculptures surrounded by adorable lambs. The gift shop/gallery building is an angular architectural masterpiece worthy of comparison to the Getty in LA.

Sadly they had a Miró exhibit showing. It appears to me that Crayola cracked the Catalan market early on, but limited their users to a pack of only 6 crayons.

I find Miró's work moribund, a word I wish to reclaim from Alan Partridge.

Far more entertaining was this poor sheep stuck in a pub table and bench combo.

And like all quality cultural entities they have a cracking gift shop.

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