Tuesday, July 17

And I'm using a medical term here

A few years back I volunteered to take part in a medical test with Boston hospitals, so periodically they send me requests to do other tests.

It's the hospital equivalent of Amazon's other people that purchased an xxxxx, also purchased yyyyy.

So I got a request yesterday to participate in an Ejaculatory Dysfunction trial.

Not erectile dysfunction, which as anyone who has watched football or golf on a Sunday afternoon knows, is one of the 3 problems American advertisers can solve for middle aged men.

The other 2 are, where to buy a luxury car, and which of the remaining scumbag investment companies you should lose your pension money with.

But ejaculatory dysfunction deals with ability, time, force and volume of ejaculation.

Or as BUMC states it.

So they had to use the 'street' name for ejaculate? And also explain that volume isn't just a button on your TV remote?

Then again, when you're only earning $559 for 20 weeks of measuring your jizz output, you're not going to attract the high flyers are you?

To my dismay, the auto-correct on this computer does not know that jizz is a word, but it has no problem with cum.

Finally, the good people at Google, and their search optimization algorithms will probably go silly with this posting. And teenage boys around the world will get the chance to read my blog ahead of visiting bigloads.com

As one teenager put it, "I just wanted to jerk off, and instead I got a stupid blog about Jimmy Saville, Craig David, and the First World problem of buying coffee in Starbucks ..."

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