Monday, July 9

That's Why

Last week I decided it might be nice to take the train to and from work. Sunny day, warm evening, relaxing train ride, nice walk home etc.

It was an impromptu decision, so without a pair of earphones for my iPod, I ran over to the supermarket near work to pick up a cheap pair.

Turns out they did not have any.

Back at work I started to bitch how you couldn't buy headphones ... an item I see on almost every pedestrian today ... yet I could buy 12 ping pong balls.

My argument being, since when was table tennis more popular than listening to music?

Because a ping pong ball has 2 other popular uses.

Not being located in a Thai whore-house rules out one, but the other is to play that US college favorite 'Beer Pong'.

This explains why ping pong balls in Massachusetts are sold in the snack aisle.

Of course they should be sold in the alcohol aisle, but Massachusetts doesn't allow alcohol sales in supermarkets. I guess we cannot be trusted to buy cheap beer and peanuts in the same shop.

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