Tuesday, July 3

Tricky Question

Tomorrow is the day when the usually reserved American populace rolls out their, our (technically I am one now) big ol' starry and stripy flags.

So predictably, I went on a generic rant at work today about the 'one trick pony' aspect of fireworks. I dig them for a minute or two but then I'm done.

I was then asked if I liked jets doing fly pasts.

Survey said, "ugh urr"

But the follow up question was a real zinger. "What does inspire you?"

I lamely offered "nature", only to be reminded how I watch Anne tend to her garden each day from the elevated safety of our balcony.

I guess beautifully designed buildings and objects inspire me.

Music creates all levels of emotion in me.

I love film, art, photography, typography, fashion, but before you know it, your moving into a list at the bottom of a shitty resumé.

Keep fit, cooking and the novels of John Grisham do not inspire me. But references are available from my previous employers.

Travel is inspiring of course, but I suppose when you break it all down, what these lists really show is that I'm inspired by learning.

Just not learning about fireworks or jet flyovers.

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