Tuesday, August 21

Anne to the rescue

My darling wife rescued a cat tonight!

OK, she's a professional cat-sitter, so she has mad cat skills, but this had little to do with her day to day job.

A guy knocked on our door earlier this evening. He explained his cat had gone missing and wondered if we'd seen her. We hadn't.

As night drew in, the security light in our yard came on. This happens every night, I sometimes think a moth can flick the damn thing on.

But from our kitchen, Anne thought she saw a pair of cat's eyes.

I kept watch while Anne went into the basement and out into our yard. Sure enough it was Hayley the missing cat. Anne got down on her hands and knees and Hayley came on over.

Of course we are the only house in the neighborhood without a cat but with a cat carrier and a supply of wet food.

With the cat rescued we now had to track down the owner. We knew he lived in the 'hood, and a walk around the block led to a flyer posted with the guy's name and number.

10 minutes later the owner and his 2 college buddies arrived to find Hayley purring away on our expensive, but now slightly scratched up rug, with a belly full of wet food.

I'm not sure she totally wanted to leave, but after a few minutes the MIT guys put her in her carrier, and away they went.

Leaving Anne and I with a memory of the 15 minutes we had a cat in our house. We cannot stop smiling about the whole thing, especially the happy way the story ended.

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