Friday, August 3


I had a quick trip to Chicago this week, and on the airplane I sat next to a British guy. He read the same magazines as me, he even looked like me, and in true British public transport fashion we did not speak to each other for 2 hours.

In the cab to my hotel we were involved in a tiny highway collision. Wing mirrors were touched as the guy in the next lane veered into ours. The reason? He was Facetiming as he drove.

This got me thinking. Do Apple save all of our FaceTime calls on their massive servers? Do they have a collection of ugly people having FaceTime phone sex?

Along the way to my hotel I passed a billboard for a strip club called Polekatz.

This checks so many strip club bingo boxes

• Near airport
• Bastardized spelling
• Pole for strippers pole, but also in a Polish neighborhood
• Katz has a slight reference to The Replacements, the most underrated movie ever.

The hotel was in a huge cul-de-sac of chain hotels. I loved the complete lack of imagination it takes for every chain to decide, "Yeah, we'll build there too".

I was in Chicago for work, and that work included eating potato chips all day. Make no mistake I love my work, but in comparison to the staff at the Courtyard Marriott I felt like a suicidal loner at a convention for kids TV presenters. Boy those guys were caffeinated!

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