Tuesday, August 28

Cord Cutters ... season 3

Another summer has gone by in which we've not watched cable.

In fact barring the Olympic opening ceremony that NBC butchered I cannot remember a single time we watched an episode of any broadcast TV in the last 6 months.

Of course that all changes as the leaves turn brown. Football of both varieties will once again make my ass square-shaped as I settle into my favorite chair.

But that's not to say we haven't watched the big ol' TV in the corner of the room this summer.

We got seriously into Downton Abbey and a bunch of other British shows, and to balance out the transatlantic bias we are currently balls-deep into a marathon of Homeland.

Anne instinctively dislikes 98% of all well-known actresses, and Claire Danes is on that list, but well done darling for battling through.

I had no qualms about Homeland until my mum revealed the male lead is actually British, and now I'm distracted every time he is on screen to hear undertones of his impressive American accent. It's like a reverse Bridget Jones's Diary with added terrorism ... and jazz.

We've also got into the habit of watching old episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? It's about 15 years ago but I remember Anne uncontrollably laughing at two skits from the show. One involved the phrase "It's a rickety pier", delivered in a comedy Scottish accent, and the other used a sailor's hat and the line, "All hands on Dick".

Alas neither have popped up yet. The search continues!

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