Monday, August 13


Eric Gill was an early 20th Century English typographer.

He was responsible for a number of well constructed typefaces including Perpetua, Joanna, and of course his most famous font, Gill Sans which originally began life as a bookshop sign in Bristol.

Chances are you've used Gill Sans, I think it is one of the packaged fonts with Apple's operating system, or maybe the Microsoft Office suite.

It's a classic font, with a nice selection of weights, although I've always had kerning issues with the Monotype version.

I'm currently reading a book of typographic history, which along with my love of jigsaws, marks me out as a man of danger and excitement.

So I was surprised to read that Gill sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog.

Remember that factoid the next time you want to add a simplistic look of elegance to a church-hall newsletter.

If you're looking for a like for like replacement you can do worse than to choose NewJohnston, which is of course the typeface used on the London Underground map.

Also, it should be noted that Johnny Gill, American R&B singer and proponent of New Jack Swing, is not related to Eric.

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