Monday, August 6

(So Good They Named It Twice)

Not Duran, but New York of course, and that's where we headed for today.

I'm always vaguely amused at the notion of valet parking. You basically hand your car over to a guy in a bellhop uniform who one presumes is working for the hotel.

Anyhow, after handing the keys to my car we were told our room wasn't ready, so Anne and I headed for a dodgy bike rental store, handed over our driving licenses and hit Central Park on 2 wheels.

With exercise out of the way, and latent calories burned, we could focus on the real reason for our visit.

WD-50 is Wily Dufresne's Lower East Side restaurant and probably the best known chef/restaurant for molecular gastronomy.

The 14 (+1) course tasting menu was incredible. There wasn't one single bite I did not relish, even when the bite included foods I supposedly didn't like.

Throw in a rum cocktail mixed with violets, and a surprise deconstructed birthday dessert (it's my birthday today), and this made for the most incredible dining experience of my life.

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