Sunday, August 12

Tony Hadley's phone is broken

After 2 weeks of holding my breath waiting for London to NOT fuck up the Olympics (we won 29 golds by the way), my thoughts turned to Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley.

I imagine Tony sat by his phone for 2 whole weeks waiting for some creatively-dead montage creator to call.

"Hi, is your insipid 80s hit Gold available for my cheesy clip collection?"

"Of course it is."

Thankfully it appears this call never happened.

I've a suppressed childhood memory that Gold was the first cassette single my sister ever bought.

I once saw Tony Hadley getting out of a cab behind the National Art Gallery in London. I said to my traveling companion, "That's the bloke out of Spandau Ballet". The guy I was traveling with just did a wanker hand gesture.

And to finish this rather mean spirited piece about the Craig David of the 80s, I was just reading an article in GQ about New Order frontman Bernard Sumner.

Post-Joy Division and Pre-New Order he took 4 singing lessons. Why no 5th? Because his singing teacher used Tony Hadley as an example of a good singer. And that was enough for Bernard to stop learning.

Here it is, you know you want it ...

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