Wednesday, September 12

Any chance you could fuck off?

Tonight we dined at the excellent Topolobampo. The upscale Rick Bayless joint in the heart of Chicago.

7 of us were dining, and combined we could use the following titles; mum, dad, son, daughter-in-law, husband, wife, nephew, niece, cousin, aunt and uncle.

After a great dinner of elevated Mexican food, we continued to chat at our table.

To get us off the table, the maitre d pulled this move.

"Would you like a VIP visit of Rick's office space where he dreams up his Mexican recipes?".

An elevator ride, a couple of photos, and 5 minutes later we were outside on the sidewalk saying our goodnights and smiling at the ruthless efficiency of the restaurant's ability to free up our table.

Vete a la verga, as they might say in Mexico (according to the internet).

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