Saturday, September 29

Monk Spa

Anne and I went to a spa in Boston today.

As is common at all spas you have to fill in the waiver that stipulates it's not their fault if you die during one of their soothing procedures.

Only at this one they have you undress and put on a brown knee-length robe BEFORE you fill in the form.

Imagine a room of people dressed like this (without the cross), asking how you spell reiki.

As a bonus for fans of 80s UK TV, the monk photo looks like Alan Bradley, who tried to kill Rita Fairclough in Coronation Street, before being comedically killed by a tram on Blackpool sea-front.

And while on the subject of shitty TV from England, I feel vaguely vindicated that my long-running 'Jimmy Savile is a paedo' campaign is finally being shown to be true.

Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter, Michael Barrymore, Frank Bough. Is there any 80s Entertainer who wasn't a deviant?

Jim Bowen. Lovely, smashin', super.

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