Friday, September 21


I had my first experience of Peapod tonight.

Peapod is our supermarket's on-line shopping offering. You pick your groceries, a time for delivery and boom they show up with bags of your stuff.

I picked between 7 and 9pm on Friday night, because what else would I be doing other than waiting for my groceries?

When the doorbell rang I opened the door and screen and the kid just walked straight in with 6 bags and headed for our kitchen counter.

If I'd known he would be so familiar with the layout I wouldn't have paused the movie we were watching (Cast Away ... Anne is contractually bound to watch a Tom Hanks movie each week).

I tipped the kid and returned to watching one of Hanks' many tour de forces only for the bell to ring again. He'd found a potato in the back of his van, and presumed it was mine.

That's why you tip them folks.

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