Friday, September 14

United fuckwitery

Scene: Chicago O'Hare Airport, at United Gate Boston bound.

United Airlines Gate Agent (UAGA): "Boarding Groups 3, 4 & 5"

6 people including me get up and walk towards the Gate

UAGA: I didn't call Boarding Group 5

3 people in unison: Yes you did.

UAGA: No, I didn't

Me: What are the chances that 6 people misheard you?

UAGA: I will call you in a minute or 2.

6 people take 3 steps back

UAGA: Boarding Group 5

6 people sigh and internally mumble, "What a fucking kooz", and walk the 3 steps back to where we were.

UAGA: Left side of the rope please.

6 people go to the left of the 3' long rope.


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