Monday, October 29

Oh Sandy

Just like the massive John Travolta hit, I sat and wondered why-y-y oh why.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided to close schools today, because it was raining.

Hurricane Sandy looked like a miserable windy-rainy day until about 3pm when Anne called to say most of our fence had blown down.

The wind has bent the rods that go into the concrete posts through 90°. This means the fence is still attached, but it is also laying on the ground. 

Our house is by a 25-storey building, so it's a natural wind-tunnel. Throw in the outer part of a hurricane and you get a night of peering out into the yard to see if the trees are still there.


I was reminded of an uncommon difference between the UK and the US today.

Let's say a passenger ferry goes down off the coast of Manila. The BBC won't show Titanic out of respect.

Let's say there's a house fire in Wales. After we've all inwardly laughed, the BBC will pull a showing of Towering Inferno.

When the first Gulf War kicked off, Massive Attack had to temporarily change their name to just 'Massive'.

The US don't go for this shit. 

They'll show Affleck in Pearl Harbor on Pearl Harbor Day, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on 9-11.

To prove my point, this week's, free song of the week on iTunes is a song called "Hurricane".

Next week be sure to grab the free download by Taylor Swift, feat. Usher, "Ya basement's flooded you sorry fuckers".

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