Thursday, October 11

Supercomputer Challenge

Supercomputer stories started in the 50s when machines the size of a small county attempted to process the square root of 81.

In the 70 and 80s we built computers that could beat a Chess Grand Master, or pointlessly work out Pi to the millionth decimal.

About 5 years ago Sprint ran awful commercials featuring their CEO, who said, "These handheld devices .." and instantly sounded like a silly old man.

In our marvelous world today, your toaster has a bigger processor chip than the Apollo 13 mooncraft. Which explains why Hollywood has not yet green-lit a movie about fixing a toaster.

But yesterday, as I browsed the news (on my quad-processor ... zzzzzzzzz) I found the next big challenge for the computing world.

I challenge the white-coats of Silicon Valley to come up with a computer program that generates ANYTHING more random than this news story.

10 October 2012 Last updated at 14:19 ET 
British singer Sarah Brightman is to travel as a space tourist to the International Space Station.

The classical recording artist, once married to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, will be part of a three-person crew flying to the ISS.

Once there, she says she intends to become the first professional musician to sing from space.

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