Friday, November 9

Chicken Tonight

So tonight I fly from LA to Manila via Guam. Not sure if we even get off the plane in Guam.

I looked up why we stop in Guam and this is what I found.

Category II is an FAA way of categorizing an airline in terms of reliability and safety. Unfortunately, PAL and other Filipino airlines get this rating. One of the restrictions for being Category II is that you cannot change your aircraft while you are given this distinction. So while PAL did buy the Boeing 777, capable of making it non stop with a full load, they can't fly it to the USA, just yet.

So there you have it, I fly in to the Philippines on a dodgy plane. The airport itself is one of the worst in the world. Here's the best photo I could find.

My hope for this flight is to avoid 2 things. Sitting next to a caged chicken, or an angry Filipino lady with an over-sized sun-visor.

Everything else will be a bonus.

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