Monday, November 26

Fucktard Friday, Simpleton Saturday ...

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day (eg. a US-only holiday), appears to be gaining global traction. And Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday continue our nation's obsession with 'stupid days of the year'.

To the rest of the world I say, "Don't claim Black Friday unless you can compete with the galactic stupidity that invades the U.S., and in particular, WalMart."

I spent most of Friday clicking refresh on the Google News feed waiting for retail-rage stories.

WalMart had shootings in Tallahassee and San Leandro, pepper spray attacks in another part of California, but the winner is the security guard who choked to death a suspected shoplifter in Georgia.

In other choking news, the autopsy of a Florida man who died last month, showed that he choked to death after eating dozens of live cockroaches.

In a contest to win a python.

You cannot make this shit up.

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