Tuesday, November 13

Get it on

Dave met me at the hotel today and we walked to work.

I'm in China half a world away (and 13 hours) from Boston, but I'm seriously enjoying myself. It already feels like home, and after our new office party in La Jolla last week I'm beginning to enjoy the idea of multiple locations.

I have a desk, a powerful computer, and a stack of work to do.

Dave is from Vancouver, but the rest of my co-workers all come from different parts of China, and have spouses/family/kids back home who they only see a few times a year.

For lunch the whole team take me for some incredible local cuisine, plus a couple of dishes from other parts of China. Bobo is from Sichuan province and he orders a spicy fish-head dish while Shanghaiese Enson picks the biggest dumplings I ever saw. 

I get complimented on my chopsticks skills and also a nod of acknowledgement for my approval of the Pu-erh tea.

On the elevator ride back to the 6th floor I notice the manufacturer is Schindler. Yep, Schindler's Lifts. OK, so I made the same joke in New Zealand a few years ago, but it's worthy of a recycle.

Speaking of recycling, the local supermarket charges for carrier bags. I love this. It's just like Whole Foods, only cheaper. Way cheaper.

I announce to everyone that I'll be walking back to the hotel on my own tonight. It's only a 15 minute walk.

Well 15 minutes if you go the right way. Instead I head off on a different street with flashing billboards, crazy traffic and cyclists carrying 2 passengers.

It takes some time and a few short cuts down some darkly lit streets, along the way I see a wine shop called Simply Red.

After an hour of humid walking I get back to the hotel.

Shower. Sleep.

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